The return to normality (or new normality as it is called in the de-escalation process) is bringing us, as expected, clients with many doubts regarding the real estate market and how we think it could change, as expert consultants in the sector in our area.

Most common doubts

Is it true that prices are going to drop? How much? When? Do I buy now or wait? Do I sell now or wait? Will banks have trouble offering financing? What will happen to rentals? Will they go up or down?

Our vision: in Moraira and the Costa Blanca

There are many questions that haunt people who are thinking of buying, selling or renting homes in the face of this, apparently, recessive scenario that is coming. Given all these doubts, we clearly see that the effect will be mixed. Undoubtedly, we are going to have a type of housing that is going to suffer due to having presumably little demand, such as small homes/apartments, without a balcony or terrace, without a doubt they will experience a decrease in their price. However, on the Costa Blanca and especially in Moraira, we have the privilege of living in a sparsely populated area with a second-home tourist model. The main buyer (Dutch, Belgian, French and British), can arrive by car without the need to take planes, without the need to expose themselves and risk contamination. Furthermore, it is clear to the European buyer that property investments ensure a performance that banks cannot, especially in recessionary situations. Do not forget that banks cannot guarantee a return like a property can offer them.


For these reasons, in principle, our area should presumably not suffer acutely from the possible effects of an economic slowdown. At Hispania Homes we have a team of real estate consultants who can help you deal with your case in a personalized way, whether you want to sell with absolute peace of mind or if you want to find your dream home.

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