We tell you why working with a local estate agent on the Costa Blanca can help you get more exposure for your property, access the largest real estate offer on the market and maintain greater control of the buying and selling process.

If I buy or sell my property through a single estate agent I will be missing out on business opportunities”. This is one of the most common fears when buying or selling with an exclusive estate agent.

But what if we told you that working with a local estate agent on the Costa Blanca on an exclusive basis allows you to achieve just the opposite: greater exposure, access to the biggest offer on the market and, of course, greater control of your property and the buying and selling process.

Today Zoila Sanz, CEO of Hispania Homes, tells us about the advantages of working with a local real estate agent on the Costa Blanca on an exclusive basis, benefits that we will go into in more detail in this article.

Knowledge of the local market

It is important that the person you have chosen to buy/sell a property lives and works in the area. In this way, they will put all their knowledge of the local market at the service of your needs as a client. In addition, all their contacts will help you to find or sell your property before it even comes on the market.

Currently, in our database we have an endless number of contacts classified according to their needs (if they need to buy, sell, rent, invest…), the area in which they wish to do so, their nationality, budget, features of the property they are looking for… This database is also shared with other estate agents in the area, so the contacts are multiplied.

In this way, it is very common that when a client entrusts Hispania Homes with the sale of their property, we find their ideal buyer in our database before even publishing the property on a distribution platform (portals, real estate website, etc.). This is tremendously beneficial for the seller, as sales times are shortened, but also for the buyer, as they can access a network of opportunities to which they would not have access if they decided to look for a property privately.

forma contrato instagram

Two clients of Hispania Homes signing their purchase contract | https://www.instagram.com/hispaniahomes/

Personalised communication

The second advantage of working exclusively with a single agent is that you will save a lot of time. Imagine having to tell 100 different estate agents what you need. Now, imagine spending all that time telling just one agent what you need. The information that single agent will have will be much more detailed. For example:

  • If you want to sell: he/she will know your reasons for selling, the use you have given to the property, the possible reforms you have carried out, if before you the property had other owners, the period in which you need to sell, if you still have a mortgage to pay…
  • If you want to buy: your budget, your reasons for buying, the use you want to give to the property, your preferences in terms of location, number of rooms, outdoor areas, terraces, swimming pool…

In addition, your estate agent will be able to offer you a much more personalised service. If you decide to work with an exclusive real estate agency, your agency will focus all its efforts on you. Bear in mind that agencies only charge their fees once the real estate transaction has been finalised, so they will be the first ones interested in achieving the success of your transaction.

Real estate agencies that do not work exclusively with their clients know that at any moment another agency could sell your property, so the effort they will invest in it will be much less.

Negotiation and offers

Local estate agents are experts in the price at which properties are selling in the area. They will be able to establish a fair price for each property and defend it in your best interests.

Real estate market report in Costa Blanca North

We explain how the price of housing is in the area and our forecast

The ability to negotiate is one of the characteristics that distinguishes a good professional. Real estate agents are trained to negotiate the best terms and conditions for their clients, whether buying or selling a property. This involves, in addition to closing the transaction for a fair price: negotiating repairs after the inspection of the property, the deadline for closing the transaction, the furniture that will remain in the property, the payment of certain expenses or taxes… Real estate negotiation is a matter that goes far beyond the price.

At Hispania Homes we work exclusively for our clients in order to be able to offer them the best service and satisfy their needs individually. To give you an idea of how we work, here is our Sales Guide.

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If you would like to know more about our real estate services when buying, selling, renting or investing in property, you can always contact us. We will be delighted to spend the time you need to learn about the possibilities of your property and explain the path we will take to achieve the success of the transaction.