Get to know the different styles that you can find in luxury villas in Moraira and discover the one that best suits your personality.

The character of a luxury villa is a clear reflection of the tastes and personalities of the people who live there. Whether a home fits in with our lifestyle depends to a large extent on how it is structured, but also on the interior and exterior decoration chosen for it.

Here are 5 different styles that you can find in luxury villas in Moraira, which one suits you best?

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Mediterranean-style villas in Moraira

The style of a premium property depends to a large extent on its location. In this sense, Mediterranean-style villas are the most common in Moraira due to our proximity to the sea and our sunny climate.

Properties with this personality tend to have whitewashed walls that allow their owners to enjoy a cooler space away from the humidity even during the summer months. Wooden beams and columns, as well as large windows, are another common feature of Mediterranean-style villas in Moraira. The greenery of the plants and the rustic touch of wicker take on a particular prominence in this type of property.

The premium Mediterranean-style homes in Moraira are perfect for those seeking a quiet place to relax and unwind.

villa Moraira estilo mediterráneo

Spectacular Mediterranean-style villa with sea views in El Portet in Moraira – Ref. 2204V

Nordic-style villas in Moraira

Nordic style has become a favourite in many of our homes and seems to be here to stay. Far removed from complexity, the Nordic-style villas in Moraira stand out for their simple yet elegant decoration, where functionality and balance play a fundamental role.

Neutral colours combined with touches of wood, natural fibres and pastel tones are very common in this property style. Moreover, the textiles and the combination of textures will make Nordic-style villas in Moraira cosy places to enjoy both alone and with the family.

Villa en Moraira estilo nórdico

New Nordic-style development in Moraira – Ref. 2234VC

Minimalist-style villas in Moraira

Minimalist-style villas in Moraira make use of a decor that is both simple and aesthetically pleasing. In this type of decoration, quality is more important than quantity. Thus, you won’t find more elements than are necessary, but each piece will have a special prominence.

Light colours, smooth lines and materials such as glass, wood or cement are very common in minimalist-style villas in Moraira. The furniture used is usually perfectly straight and geometrical, making the house an ideal place to relax.

villa Moraira estilo minimalista

Project with licenses and sea view for sale in Benissa Costa in minimalist style – Ref. 2258V

Classic-style villas in Moraira

In the classic-style villas in Moraira, sophistication, the appeal of antiques and, in short, a noble style of decoration with materials of exceptional quality prevail.

This type of premium residence is easy to recognise: cornices, columns, marble fireplaces and a certain tendency to use rectangular furniture. As decorative elements, statues, arches and ornate details are habitual. In terms of colours, olive, beige, cream, light green and, of course, gold predominate. Dark wooden furniture in an imperial design is also a clear protagonist of this style of luxury villas.

The classic-style villas in Moraira have the great benefit of enjoying a timeless personality that is independent of new decoration trends.

villas Moraira de estilo clásico

Magnificent classic-style 1st line golf villa for sale in San Jaime, Moraira – Ref. 2230V

Rustic-style villas in Moraira

Stone, wood and natural fibres are the basis of premium rustic-style homes. Each material complements the others elegantly, giving the spaces the necessary warmth. Cotton, linen, brick, reed mats and tiles are also predominant, however.

In terms of colours, we must mention earth tones or pastel shades mixed with small amounts of green, blue and cheerful shades of wildflowers.

The rustic-style villas in Moraira invite you to live a leisurely, happy and natural life in close proximity to nature.

villa moraira estilo rústico

Charming house for sale in a well-kept residence within walking distance of Les Bassetes.. – Ref. 2221V

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