Hispania Homes has obtained the Realtor® distinction, a registered trademark of the NAR (National Association of Realtors), the most important association of real estate professionals in the world. We have achieved it through SIRA, the real estate association that represents the NAR in Spain and Portugal.

Being a Realtor® represents a certified real estate consultant committed to the highest quality of customer service.

It represents the highest degree of commitment to the client, who in turn has the confidence of managing their real estate with agents who have the highest qualifications in the real estate market.

The importance of Real Estate Agents in the Luxury Homes Market

The sale and purchase of luxury homes is a much more complex process than a normal real estate transaction. In these special circumstances, the role of the estate agent is fundamental, as a key facilitator for successful property management.

Real estate agents who specialise in the luxury market, such as Costa Blanca North:

  • We possess a detailed knowledge of clients’ needs and expectations, as well as an in-depth understanding of luxury property and its specific details.
  • We keep abreast of the latest trends in design, technology and amenities sought after in luxury homes.
  • We have unique negotiating skills, because in this high-value market, every little detail can make a big difference to the final price.
  • We know how to effectively present the most attractive aspects of the property to maximize its value.

In addition, we have a wide network of contacts: potential buyers and sellers, as well as other key professionals in the luxury real estate market, characterized by its discretionally, which requires personal connections.

For all these reasons, having @hispaniahomes in the luxury market can make the difference between a good transaction and an exceptional one.

The confidence of a Realtor® to sell luxury homes

A Realtor® is a professional with the highest qualifications to carry out real estate sales and purchases.

But it is more than having a seal of quality; it is a commitment to the quality of their service and compliance with a strict code of ethics.

Investing in or selling property is a complex operation, especially when it comes to luxury homes. The client needs to minimize the risks and one way to do this is to put himself in the hands of a Realtor.

In addition to the specific training required to become a certified Realtor, the adoption of the code of ethics is an additional guarantee for the client.

Realtors are committed, at all times, to protect and promote the interests of their clients and to treat everyone with honesty.

Among the rules of their code :

  • Protection of the different parties involved in the process.
  • Transparency before the owner about the commercial value of his property.
  • Presenting offers and counter offers objectively and quickly.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of customer information.

This code of ethics also reflects duties to the public in general and to Realtors themselves in particular. The NAR Code of Ethics extends to the general public and to the relationship with other Realtors®.

Key features of Realtors®:


To the quality of service and to the client, to defend their interests above all other circumstances of the real estate professional.


No more half-truths and ambiguities: the agent must present the property in a clear way, without exaggerations or concealments related to the property.

It is mandatory to always identify yourself as a Realtor®.


The Realtor® is committed to the interests of his client and may not buy, sell or have any interest of any kind related to the transaction unless authorised by his client.

Nor can he/she accept fees or compensation for more than one of the parties without informing the client and, in any case, it will be the latter who will give his/her consent.


This is key to the professionalization of an estate agent. The continuous training of the manager and the estate agents ensures that they are up to date in terms of legislation and real estate procedures.

At Hispania Homes, you can contact Zoila Sanz, API specialized in the Costa Blanca:

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