Foreigners bought one out of every five homes in Spain; in the case of the Costa Blanca, it led the ranking of sales and purchases by foreigners, almost half of the transactions

The Costa Blanca registered 45% of property transactions carried out by foreigners.

Alicante is the only province where 40% of property transactions have a foreigner as a buyer. According to data from the Property Registrars (2nd quarter of 2023), after the British (8.8%), the largest buyers have been registered among Germans (7.25%), French (6.56%), Moroccans (5.37%), Italians (5.22%), Romanians (5.15%), Belgians (5.09%) and Dutch (4.61%), which translates into transactions in absolute terms over a thousand homes purchased.

The Costa Blanca is a favourite destination for residential holidaymakers

The residential tourist has a high confidence in the real estate offer in the area. The Costa Blanca continues to be the preferred location for residential tourists, accounting for almost half of all sales. Spain is the country of reference for international property investors. If you are interested in seeing which are the most profitable towns on the Costa Blanca, we indicate them for you. The total of foreign real estate investment shows that the first country for the province of Alicante is the United Kingdom, followed by the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, according to the Provia Report on Foreign Transactions in the Province of Alicante:

Compraventa de viviendas en Alican

Buying and selling of homes in Alicante by foreigners, up to the 3rd quarter 2023. Source:

Profitability of properties on the Costa Blanca

In 2024 an average price increase of 1.6% is expected, while in the case of rentals, it will be 4.3%, i.e., buy-to-let is a good investment option. With data generated by the portal Idealista, if we look at the purchase prices, all the provincial capitals have prices that are growing every year, exceeding in some cases the prices of 2011:

Compraventa Residencial  españa

Residential Sales and Purchases until the 4th quarter of 2023 by provincial capitals. Source (idealista)

The size of the circles shows the relative demand, so the larger the circles, the higher the expected price increase for the coming quarters. For the investor, the recommendation is to look at growth areas; Alicante remains a safe bet, although significant increases are no longer expected. As for rental prices, Alicante, along with Valencia, Malaga and Palma, is expected to see the largest increases in the coming quarters:

Alquiler Residencial  españa

Residential Rentals until the 4th quarter of 2023 by provincial capitals (source: idealista)

The recommendation of real estate experts is to invest in areas that have had a good run in recent years: Alicante and, specifically, the Costa Blanca, are good options. If you want to invest in real estate, we provide you with more detailed and localised information in towns and even in urbanisations, such as those in Moraira.

If you are an owner who wants to know the profitability of your property through renting, or the value it can have in the buying and selling market, you can consult us and we will carry out a profitability study.

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