We tell you how much a house in Moraira costs according to the evolution of the price that this region has experienced in recent months and the elements that can increase or decrease the price of houses in this area.

21% of Spaniards intend to buy a home in the next 5 years. This is the result of the Radiografía del mercado de la vivienda 2022-2023 (Radiography of the housing market 2022-2023) carried out by Fotocasa. Despite the constant rises in house prices experienced in recent years, Spaniards’ intention to buy remains practically intact.

However, 2023 has experienced a 9.8% drop in the number of sales and purchases compared to the previous year, closing the year with 583,042 operations according to official data from the Association of Property Registrars.

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These data show that, in spite of the Spanish people’s intention to buy a property, the upward evolution of prices together with the high interest rates, mean that not everyone who is looking for a home will find a property that meets their needs.

How many houses are for sale in Moraira?

Focusing on the municipality of Moraira, where the Hispania Homes real estate office is located, during the first three quarters of 2023, 411 property sales were registered, 19.72% less than in the same period of the previous year. The following graph shows the evolution of the number of sales and purchases over the last few quarters.

compraventas 2023 moraira en

But, how will the price of housing in Moraira evolve during 2024? How much will it cost to buy a property in Moraira?

Price of a house in Moraira in 2024

According to the data published by the Real Estate portal Idealista referring to average sales prices per square metre, the price of housing in Moraira has evolved in an increasing way throughout 2023. This upward trend has been maintained during the first months of 2024.

precio vivienda moraira 2024 en

So, how much does a house in Moraira cost in 2024?

A house in Moraira of around 80m2 would be priced at 163.920 euros according to data published by Idealista referring to the month of January 2024. This price would be 8.18% more than just a year earlier. Despite the rise in prices and the fact that interest rates are still high, it is expected that the housing market in Moraira will remain stable in terms of number of sales and purchases, given that the most common type of buyer in this area does not usually need financing.

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However, if you still haven’t found something that matches what you are looking for, you can always contact us. From our real estate agency we will register your request and as soon as we find something that matches what you are looking for, we will contact you so that you will be the first to know about it.

What makes the price of a house in Moraira increase?

However, not all houses in Moraira cost the same. What is more, Idealista’s data only refers to the price at which the properties go on sale, not the price at which the transaction ends up being closed. In this way, the price per m2 of a house in Moraira can be higher or lower depending on a series of characteristics:

  • The area: Proximity to the coast, means of transport, nearby public services…
  • Type of property: A detached house is not the same as a semi-detached house or a flat in a building.
  • Height: In a block of flats, higher flats will always have a higher price.
  • Age: The newer the property, the more money we can get for it.
  • Reforms: The latest renovations carried out on the property or the building increase the value of the property.
  • Orientation: Does the property have sea views and how many hours of sunshine does it enjoy?
  • Energy Efficiency: more efficient homes save on household bills, so buyers are willing to pay more for them.

Luxury homes in Moraira

In the same way, luxury properties in Moraira can reach higher prices per square metre, as the type of buyer they are aimed at is usually willing to pay a higher price to enjoy certain features: sea views, swimming pool, terrace, porch…

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