The profitability on the Costa Blanca when buying and selling is one of the highest in Spain. This is clear from the analysis that we have carried out from our real estate agency taking into account the price of housing on the Costa Blanca published in Idealista 5 years ago and the price of housing on the Costa Blanca in 2024.

To carry out our analysis, we have taken as a reference the 8 main municipalities in which Hispania Homes offers its services of buying and selling and renting homes, municipalities that we know perfectly, which allows us to offer a more accurate view of the evolution of the price of housing experienced in each of them.

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Ranking of profitability on the Costa Blanca

Although all the municipalities on the Costa Blanca offer a gross profitability of over 27%, a percentage that can be increased even further if we opt to rent for a season before putting the property on the market for sale, there are clear differences in terms of the profitability achieved by each of the municipalities analysed.

In addition, profitability on the Costa Blanca varies over the years due to variations in the price of housing, something that can be seen by taking a look at the Ranking of the most profitable municipalities that we carried out in 2022.

Below we will show a ranking of profitability on the Costa Blanca based on the sales prices published by Idealista 5 years ago and those published today.

rentabilidad vivienda costa blanca en


1. Benitachell

Benitachell is located on a hillside with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Located between Jávea and Moraira, the inhabitants of Benitachell can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle whilst remaining close to the beaches, restaurants and amenities of these two towns.

Benitachell is one of the municipalities on the Costa Blanca where property prices have risen the most, specifically, in this region from 2,021 euros per square metre in March 2019 to 3,079 euros per square metre in March 2024.

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2. Calpe

Calpe is another of the best places on the Costa Blanca to invest in property. Its beaches and tourist areas make it one of the most sought after, as well as one of the most profitable towns on the Costa Blanca. During the last few years, properties in this area have increased in value by 46.39% according to our analysis based on data from Idealista. Buying a property in Calpe today costs 2,900 euros per square metre on average.

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3. Benissa

When talking about profitability on the Costa Blanca we cannot forget Benissa, a municipality that offers great investment opportunities. Its marvellous coves, the charm of its old town and its relaxed atmosphere make it the ideal place for those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Furthermore, investing in property in Benissa offers gross yields close to 42%, which places it at the top of our ranking of the most profitable towns on the Costa Blanca.

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Mediterranean style villa for sale in La Fustera, Benissa

4. Altea

Altea is for many people the most beautiful town in Alicante. It was one of the first towns on the Costa Blanca to develop an economy based mainly on tourism. In this town it is easy to find flats with terraces or balconies and common services such as gardens, swimming pools or recreational areas, but luxury villas and exclusive homes are also common.Investing in housing in Altea in 2024 allows you to achieve returns close to 41%, placing the price per square metre in this town at 2,934 euros.

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5. Jávea

Jávea has some of the most exclusive properties on the Costa Blanca. Its many beaches as well as its first class marina, make it an ideal place both for living and investment. In Jávea, the gross profitability of buying and selling is 39.96%, however, it is possible that this figure will continue to rise due to the sharp increase in the price of property in this municipality over the last few years.

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6. Denia

Denia is one of the most touristic areas of the Costa Blanca and, therefore, one of the most demanded by buyers of a second home with the intention of investing in holiday homes. Investing in property in Denia offers a quick and safe return, as over the last 5 years properties in this area have increased in value by 34.21%. Today, it is possible to buy a property in Denia for an average of 2,652 euros per square metre according to the portal Idealista.

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7. Benidorm

But if there is a tourist city par excellence on the Costa Blanca, that is Benidorm. This city has more than 400,000 inhabitants in summer and has the highest number of skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world. Despite this, Benidorm is at the bottom of our profitability ranking, not because investing in Benidorm is not very profitable (specifically, according to the prices advertised by Idealista, investing in Benidorm allows you to achieve returns close to 27%), but because the returns of the other municipalities analysed are really high.

8. Moraira

Moraira is one of the most popular coastal towns in Alicante for buying property, which means that you probably won’t find too many difficulties when it comes to selling property in this area if you put yourself in the hands of a good real estate agent. In addition, in this municipality there is a wide variety of properties for sale of different types: flats, luxury villas, and all of them are in high demand.

Moraira is the most expensive municipality on the Costa Blanca to buy a property.

Despite having a high price per square metre, specifically 3,450 euros on average, the profitability of housing in Moraira amounts to 27.27%, which means that investing in this area brings a great economic benefit.

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*The profitability figures shown in our article are simply average data taken in relation to the sale price published by the portal Idealista on the Costa Blanca over the last 5 years. But what if we told you that you could achieve even greater profitability with the sale of your property? At Hispania Homes we have extensive experience in buying and selling properties on the Costa Blanca, both to national and foreign clients, something that can allow you to enjoy an even greater economic benefit from the sale of your property.

If you have a property in one of the municipalities mentioned and you want to know what profitability you can opt for, at Hispania Homes we can calculate it for you.

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