Buying to sell in Costa Blanca is a profitable operation. This has been made clear by an analysis carried out by Hispania Homes based on the evolution of the price per square metre published by the real estate portal Idealista over the last 5 years.

For our analysis, we have focused on the municipalities in which Hispania Homes offers real estate services, 9 altogether, which we will now arrange in order from greatest to least according to the growth in house prices during the period analysed.

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Thus, the ranking of the most profitable municipalities in Costa Blanca for buying and selling property is as follows:


profitability in the municipalities in Costa Blanca

Ranking of profitability in the municipalities in Costa Blanca in which Hispania Homes operates.


1. Beniarbeig

In the number 1 position is Beniarbeig, a municipality that over the last 5 years, according to the portal Idealista, has experienced a growth in the advertised price of housing of 106.44%. Specifically, while buying a property in Beniarbeig in July 2017 cost 838 euros per square metre, today it costs 1,730 euros.

The lack of available housing is behind the rise in property prices in all the municipalities analysed, but in the case of Beniarbeig, this increase is even more prominent.

2. Polop

The second most profitable municipality in Costa Blanca to buy and sell property in is Polop. Those who bought a home in Polop 5 years ago and want to sell it now, can enjoy gross returns of 67.71% as, in this period of time, the price per square metre has increased from 1,304 euros to 2,187 euros.

Life is very peaceful and harmonious in Polop due to its distance from the hustle and bustle of the coastal towns. This is undoubtedly one of its charms, and it is also one of the reasons why this town has the lowest property prices of all the areas analysed.

3. Benitachell

Benitachell also features in our ranking of the most profitable municipalities in Costa Blanca in which Hispania Homes operates. In this municipality in the Marina Alta region, the price of housing has experienced an increase of 53.48% according to the portal Idealista, climbing from 1,920 euros per square metre in July 2017 to 2,947 euros in July 2022.

Benitachell is one of the main tourist spots on the Mediterranean Sea and is home to different residential areas with villas, chalets, bungalows and flats, all surrounded by green areas.

4. Benissa

In the middle of our list, we find Benissa, a municipality that has experienced a very similar increase in the price of its properties to Benitachell, specifically 54.68%. Buying a property in Benissa today costs 2,979 euros per square metre when just 5 years ago it cost 1,964 euros.

While the coast is mainly populated by luxury villas, the village is mostly populated by 4 and 5-storey apartment buildings.

vivienda en venta en Benissa

Luxury villa for sale in Benissa Costa Ref. 2111V

5. Jávea

Jávea holds fifth place in our analysis of the most profitable municipalities in Costa Blanca given that from July 2017 to July 2022 the price of housing has experienced an increase of 35.32%, a very interesting return for anyone who is thinking of buying and then selling. If 5 years ago we could find properties in Jávea for 2,072 euros per square metre, now we’re unlikely to manage to do so for less than 2,804 euros per square metre.

Jávea has a varied real estate market with properties to suit all budgets and needs. Here we can find both beachside properties with spectacular views, and properties in inland areas, as this town has the best of both worlds.

6. Calpe

Calpe is another of the most popular places on the Mediterranean coast to buy a second home, which is why you probably won’t have too much trouble finding buyers if you’re thinking of selling a property. Furthermore, according to the portal Idealista, the price of property in Calpe has risen by 35.01%, from 1,862 euros per square metre in 2017 to 2,514 euros in 2022.

Villa a la venta en Calpe

Villa for sale in Calpe Ref. 2065V

7. Moraira

Undoubtedly one of the jewels in Costa Blanca’s crown. Although it is not the municipality that has seen the greatest increase in the price of its properties, it is the town with the highest price per square metre of all the areas analysed in our study.

Nevertheless, Moraira has experienced an increase in the price of its properties of 34.45%, a very interesting gross return, especially considering the average price of properties in this area (a return of 34% on a 200,000 euro property isn’t the same as on a 400,000 euro property).

Thus, if it cost 2,499 euros per square metre to buy a property in Moraira in July 2017, it now costs 3,360 euros.

8. Altea

Perched on rocks, this little place is a regular on the lists of the most beautiful villages in Spain due to its white façades and its houses facing the sea.

However, in addition to its charms, Altea is a place that offers great returns to small investors who are thinking of buying and selling, specifically, 28.11%. Over the last 5 years, properties in Altea have gone from costing 1,921 euros per square metre to 2,461 euros per square metre.

Villa a la venta en Altea

Villa for sale in Altea Ref. C17-1224

9. Benidorm

Yet when thinking about buying a house in Costa Blanca, the first town that undoubtedly comes to mind is Benidorm, a favourite summer holiday destination for thousands of tourists year after year.

Although Benidorm has the lowest gross return of our entire list, it is still a very interesting rate if you’re thinking of buying to sell, specifically, 14.58%. Furthermore, investing in Benidorm is a safe operation as it is a place that is always in demand.

Thus, if buying a property in Benidorm cost 1,892 euros per square metre in 2017, in 2022 it costs 2,168 euros.

*If you are thinking of selling a property in one of these municipalities in order to enjoy high returns, it’s in your interest to be well informed about the operation you are going to carry out. In our Seller’s Guide, you will find all the keys to selling a property in Costa Blanca with total security and obtaining the highest returns.