Services you should look for at estate agents in Costa Blanca in order to choose the most suitable one to sell your property.

In today’s fast-moving property market dominated by rising interest rates, many questions arise for homeowners before putting their properties on the market: Is this a good time to sell? How long will it take? Will I be able to achieve a good return?

With so many questions on the table, it is not surprising that sellers wonder whether it is better to sell their property privately or through a real estate agency.

Sometimes you may think that by handling the transaction yourself, you will have more control over the process and, therefore, you will be able to sell better. However, it is important to know how real estate agencies work in order to know what services they can offer that we would not be able to enjoy if we were selling privately.

Real estate services

In this article, we will focus on the real estate agencies in Costa Blanca to explain what services you should look for in order to sell your property safely and with all the guarantees.

Price evaluation

Although it may seem obvious, the fact is that not all real estate agencies work with the right valuation tools. However, simply entering data into an app is not enough to establish a suitable starting price. It also requires the expertise of a professional and an on-site visit to the property to assess in detail those elements that an app would not be able to adequately appraise.

We’re referring to elements such as possible renovations carried out in the house or building, the orientation, quality of the materials used, existing services in the area or the current demand from buyers.

You can make use of our online home valuator to get an idea of the price your property could fetch on the market:

>> I want to value my property now <<

However, remember that you will always need a professional valuation to estimate a more accurate starting price.

Tax advice

One of the matters that most concern sellers is everything related to the tax obligations that they will have to assume when selling their property. In this sense, when choosing a real estate agency in Costa Blanca to sell your property, make sure that it has a Legal and Tax Department so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Ignorance of the tax obligations that you will have to assume as a seller can cause you, in addition to some headaches, financial penalties that could be very costly.

Handling the paperwork

Deeds, contracts, Energy Efficiency Certificate, Nota Simple… the sale of a property is full of formalities that have to be dealt with. The most prepared real estate agencies in Costa Blanca take care of all these documents for you in a safe way and in accordance with current regulations.

For example, one of the issues that worry sellers the most is calculating how much they will have to pay for the Municipal Capital Gains Tax on their property before they even start the sale process. If this is your case, in our blog you can find detailed information on how to calculate this tax in each of the municipalities in which we work.

Tailor-made marketing strategy

If you want good results, you need to have a plan. That’s why the best real estate agencies in Costa Blanca develop tailor-made marketing strategies based on the characteristics of the property and the needs of its owners.

To this end, at Hispania Homes, we have a Home Staging service with which we bring out the best version of each property for sale in order to attract the attention of potential buyers. We also carry out professional photographic reports to capture the full potential of each property, as well as a virtual tour to motivate potential buyers to visit the property.

propiedad en venta Hispania Homes

Villa for sale in Benissa Costa

All this, together with a good broadcasting plan on the right platforms, will make the sales process much more effective and targeted to the right buyers.

Database of buyers

The best real estate agencies in Costa Blanca are able to find the ideal buyer for your property before even putting it on the market. This is because they are members of different real estate groups with which they share a database and cross-reference supply and demand to find the right buyer for each property in a much faster and more effective way.

At Hispania Homes, we work with a wide network of professionals who we send our portfolio properties to. In this way, we can find the ideal buyer for each property beyond the buyers registered with our own real estate agency.


A good real estate agency in Costa Blanca accompanies you throughout the entire sales process from start to finish. This means that they not only accompany and represent you in all the negotiations, signing of contracts and visits to the property until the day of the signing at the Notary’s office, but they will also go further, offering you advice on subsequent formalities such as settling taxes, removals or changing utility contracts.

Which Costa Blanca estate agent to choose?

So, which real estate agency in Costa Blanca should you choose to sell your property? To make the right decision, it is important to assess the services each of them offers. Sometimes, we tend to evaluate the services of a real estate agency as expensive or cheap without stopping to analyse the services included in their fees.

In the Hispania Homes Seller’s Guide, you will find a series of additional extra services that will help you choose the best real estate agency in Costa Blanca.

On the other hand, the specialisation of the agency in the specific area where your property is located will be very important. Selling a property in Moraira is not the same as selling in other municipalities such as Torrevieja. The real estate market can evolve very differently depending on each region, so it will be important to put yourself in the hands of professionals who are familiar with the specific reality of your municipality.

And, finally, your confidence in the agency to whom you entrust the sale will also be of great importance. The sale of your property will probably be one of the most important transactions you will ever carry out. The importance of this operation means that you need to choose professionals who are not only experts in the field, but also people who are able to empathise, understand your needs and know how to transform them into reality.