If you need to sell a property in Moraira – Costa Blanca, it is very important that, before putting it on the market, you know how to calculate its value.

Setting an appropriate starting price is essential to be able to sell it in time and price; so the calculation of the real value of the property for sale must be done from the beginning.

how much money will you be able to get from selling your house?

There are several ways to know what the value of a property is, but the most accurate and the only way to know this data in a real way, is with a professional valuation, carried out by an expert real estate professional in the area of Moraira – Costa Blanca North.

At Hispania Homes, we know the real closing prices on the market for properties similar to yours in the same area.

We indicate the key factors that you should look at when establishing a suitable price for your villa for sale:

The location and characteristics of the property

This is a fundamental factor, as it is not the same whether the property is located in the centre of town or in an urbanization, with views of the coast or the mountains.

Equally important are the following factors closely related to the location:

  • The number of inhabitants and bathrooms.
  • Nearby services: shops, schools, health centres, hospitals, leisure and cultural venues..
  • Communication and transport services: Metro, bus and train stops..
  • Activity in the area: Bars, shops, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, gyms..

Condition of the property

The state of conservation can and should be modified before the property is put up for sale, especially if there is damage, old furniture or the need to renovate. The process of preparing the property, or home staging, is essential to enhance the value of the house.

The communal areas offered in the urbanisations such as swimming pool, gym, sauna, gardens, patios… are a positive attraction. The fact that the property is located close to some garden areas increases the value of the property.

Other characteristics of the building are also important, such as the lift, whether it is a historic home, whether it has a parking space and storage room, the state of the entrance..

Regarding the property, the most important qualities when valuing it are the dimensions and distribution, as well as the materials used in its construction.

The next most important factor when valuing a property is the year of construction. A modern property will not be worth the same as an old one or one that has been recently renovated.

The orientation is also a determining factor. Whether the property overlooks the sea or an urban area.

If it is a flat in a building, the height of the building is important. The further a flat is from the ground, the better the views and the higher the value.

Calculate how much your house is worth in Moraira – Costa Blanca

Similar properties for sale

We analyse similar properties in the same area, with similar characteristics, studying the average price of those offered for sale and those that have been sold recently. We also observe, of those that are for sale, since when they have been on the market and the variations they have undergone in price.

In the case of sold properties, we look at how long they have been on the market, how much they have cost to sell and at what price they were initially placed.

This gives us an accurate idea of the market price you could sell your property for.

Real estate market report in Costa Blanca North

We explain how the price of housing is in the area and our forecast

The value of a property according to the Cadastre

do you know what happens if you sell a property for an amount lower than the reference value?
That the purchaser of the property that has a reference value assigned by the Cadastre, and is taxed below it, will be breaking the law, and declaring a taxable base lower than that provided for in the regulations of the tax in question(Transfer of Property or Inheritance and Donations).

It is therefore important to know the reference value of the Cadastre for the property:

The Generalitat Valenciana: offers a simulator to obtain the coefficient to be applied to the cadastral value.

These are the basic criteria used by the public administration to determine the valuation of a property:

  • Location of the property
  • Conservation conditions
  • Extent of the property
  • Age
  • Urbanistic level of the area
  • Building materials
  • Land and market value
  • History of the property

As a general rule, these are the parameters taken into account by the Cadastre to determine the value of a property, whether urban, rustic or with special characteristics.

Below you will find the updated Real Estate Cadastre for each municipality (Benissa, Benitachell, Calpe, Denia, Javea, Moraira, Teulada, etc.):

Catastro inmobiliario urbano Alicante

And the following table shows the Volume of residential properties:

Residential real estate. Source: Statistics Area. General Directorate of Cadastre

The average price of properties in Moraira

According to data from the Moraira Costa Blanca North Property Market Report, which collects information on final prices of housing transactions in the area, shared by the real estate agencies that collaborate in the MLS 03724, these conclusions can be drawn:

  • 64% of the properties sold in the area are Villas. Flats and Bungalows/Townhouses account for 13% each.
  • The average number of bedrooms in residential properties sold in the area is 3. In the case of fincas and country houses, the average is 4 bedrooms.
  • The average price per square metre is highest for penthouses (2.550€/m2), followed by villas (2.087€/m2)

Request the help of a real estate expert and find out the real value of your property

The most effective and the only way to get a real valuation is to ask a real estate expert to help you calculate the value of the property, by means of a real estate market study.

Calculate how much your home is worth in Moraira – Costa Blanca